*Me-Time-Flowers*...simple pleasures by the coast...

Afternoon from the beaches!

Autumn here apparently, although I've only managed to do some *boot wearing* once since last winter. {I posted it here on IG if you're needing a boot/cooler weather moment}.
Mr.Weather man I am ready for jackets...and long socks...and boots...and scarves!
I'll keep the clear blue skies- but please...some milder weather would be divine!

Ok...moving on under this big blue coastal sky...
We've had a big week {hence my absence here}- one of those parenting weeks that cause you angst and to slurp a flipping huge a large glass of wine, or six two!
Kids can be tough on other kids...but it's a new week, we had a great weekend, and we seem to have had a great day so far! I've walked in to smiling faces this afternoon!

I'm so happily back today, sharing nothing more than some *simple. perfect. flower. love*- it makes all the tough stuff just seem easier somehow...!

When we lived our country life- in our English village and big old country house- where the local farm delivered milk each morning, I would buy myself a bunch of country grown flowers every Friday.

I'd get everyone off to school, and walk through the village for coffee, window shopping and flower buying.

It wasn't anything big, or life shattering, but it was my time...simple as that!
I miss that walk along our English village high street, but I'm determined this year to start embracing those small weekly me-times again- this time by the coast.
They cost not much in monetary terms, or time away from other life jobs and reality, but they bring me much peace of mind and calm.

So...here are my *me-time-flowers* this week...not supermarket bought and justified as part of the weekly shopping, but a bunch of flowers consciously bought for myself, from a little local grocer, just over the hill by the beach, who stocks beautiful generous bunches of blooms all year round.

We bought our lush and lovely smelling Christmas Tree from him last year, and I'm putting his little shop on my weekly walking schedule each week this year!
God knows, I've needed it this week...so no better time to start this weekly habit than today!

Do you have a simple-me-time-moment in your week?
Join me on Monday's for *me-time-flowers*...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend...I'm all for positive and smiles this week!

Melissa xx


  1. Oh those roses are beautiful. I don't have a me time moment but reading this I have decided that I need one :) Such a lovely idea, yet it is so simple. Have a happy rest of the week my lovely x x x x

  2. Hi Sweets! A superb gift to yourself, you clever minx. J x


Thanks for taking a moment...x

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