Cool Ten-Minute D.I.Y Artwork

A quick...cool...fab looking D.I.Y for any room!

We are on the edge of leaping into the renovating pit...well an awesome big extension I hope!
And the house is being cleared of any *extra* stuff that apparently we can live without...hmmm!?

Can I really live without *stuff*?
This will be the making, or perhaps the undoing, of my Bower Bird ways.

We'll see.
So far I'm loving the empty walls.
But I'm keeping one feature wall of *stuff* above the sofa's. {I can't do total cold turkey decorating...}

You know empty walls reflect sooooooo much lovely light!
Yeah so did I...but I've been choosing to ignore that!
I'm loving that light!


As the sitting room and kitchen are starting to be stripped bare- I'm sorting all the bedrooms so the kids can spend more time in there, doing things they may have done at the dining table or kitchen bench- seeing as we'll be a few months without either.

We spent a very wet Sydney weekend re-aranging rooms, and completing quick little cool projects we'd been putting aside with the warm winter weather.
A weekend inside was just what we needed to do all our pre-reno *jobs*, and the rain sorted that!


Here's a D.I.Y that takes little time for lotsa punch!

A graphic print like artwork- two seconds with a spray can and a quick break in the weather!

What you need: D.I.Y Artwork

-Ikea frame - we used a poster sized frame from the NYTTJA range in black.

-Spray paint in black- we used Rust-Oleum in Canyon Black as we had a stash in the shed.

-Large sheet of paper- torn slightly smaller that the size of your chosen frame.
 We use sheets from the MALA  roll of kids paper, again from IKEA.


Simply unwrap the frame, and use the sheet of paper in the frame, to measure your *torn off sheet* of artwork paper from the MALA roll.

In an open area, spray a huge heart, or shape of your choice, onto the MALA paper and leave to dry.

Attach the artwork to the white side of the paper that came in the NYTTJA frame.

Put the frame back together. Bung a nail in the wall. And hang.



Happy D.I.Y-ing on a shoestring budget with no time!

This one is lotsa bang for your buck
as individual as you choose to make it!
The options are endless...

Melissa xx


  1. Very clever and look awesome to boot hun xx

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